Magic Buttons

At the risk of sounding like a 90 year-old lady, cars sure have gotten fancy.  I’ve been driving this clean-smelling automobile for 5 days and, only today, did I realize I can answer my cell phone with the steering wheel.

My mom, who is a grandmother, had to educate me on the bluetooth when I told her I couldn’t answer my phone because I had to dig around for it in my purse. She said, “Garrett, you do know that you can answer the phone without taking your hands off the steering wheel?”  There is even a caller ID on my dashboard. Who knew? I remember in college, caller ID was the trinket to have. Of course, that was back when people had house phones. You know, the ones that plug into a wall.

Yesterday, Mike pushed the On-star button to show me how to use it and some woman’s voice  permeates my car, “Good evening Mr. Robinson and congratulations on the purchase of your such and such”. She went on to explain that if I pushed their button and asked for directions, they can send them to my car’s GPS which would then give me turn by turn voice instructions to my destination.

At one point, I got a little freaked out, and whispered to Mike, “can she see us too?”
Britton, who was sitting in her newly claimed spot- the third row, shot me a you’re-so-dumb look. Sorry little Miss On Star expert, this, too, is new for your ol’ Mama.

I think it has a CD player, but I’ve been driving around listening to the FM radio stations because that I can operate.

Walking out of the grocery store today, I accidentally pushed a button on my key chain, and the damn thing cranked up. Twenty yards away!

Now, if there was only a button to get my kids to behave and bathe them for me at night, I’d be all set. Heck, if I keep punching around, I might just find one.


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