Red Heads and Thermomenters

Is it me or is this hair coming in a lil’ red?

We had our 6 month check up, and shots, this morning with Auntie Anna – a few days before our actual 6 month birthday. Weighing in at a dainty 16 pounds puts him in the 48th percentile for weight {but 75% for height}. Light as a feather but cute as a button.

And no, he is still not rolling over- but I have decided, so what. Really?  I don’t care when or if he learns. He’s happy, he’s healthy, and by golly, he is my last baby. So you lay there, buddy, on your back for as long a you like.
Sister Britton stayed home from school this week for three days. After taking her temperature, herself, about every 15 minutes, she finally got it to hit 99.9 and declared that she would need to stay home the following day as well. “School rule,” she asserted.

Finally back at school today, I get a call from the school nurse that she is back in the clinic. Making the decision to pick her up early, I park, unload a sleeping Raynes from the car, get the stroller out, truck across the parking lot, squeeze into the front office with all my gear… only to have the nurse tell me that B’s teacher emailed her and Britton is having a blast at ‘Fun Friday’ and is feeling great.


I got dooped, again.

In reality, I think it’s a combination of a small virus (strep and urine test were negative) and her lovely “friend” in her class.  But hey, the weekend is here and things always feel better with a little salt air.