Roadtrips and Report Cards

Easter, to me, is probably the biggest holiday of the year. It’s not as fancy, with only a fraction of the holiday songs and parties, but it carries quite a bang.  It’s the real reason, for that other season. Britton is itching to hunt some eggs, so we will be headed off shortly for an egg hunt down at the coast.
It all starts with Good Friday- which tends to get swept under the rug a bit I think- considering it is the day Jesus was crucified. Funny, Arbor Day and Take Your Child to Work Day are often times more celebrated than Good Friday.  Our girls do not attend a Christian school, so I tried to make it a point yesterday to feel them out to see if they knew what Good Friday was all about. Britton articulated it better than I could, so all is good.
With the end of the school year on the horizon, it seems the weeks are going by more quickly. Laundry gets piled up faster, pantry shelves stay empty a little longer, calls are going unreturned and next thing I know it’s Friday, again.
The girls brought home straight A’s on their report cards this week. This meant they were each allowed a ‘present’ for their hard work. Britton and I went shoe shopping, but after coming up empty handed for a new pair of hot pink high top Converse tennis shoes, she opted for a black pleather walley.  Boy, does she love her  new wallet with the little faux Polo players on it. In case you were wondering, she also has pretend ‘credit cards’ that say something like If Lost Please Return To.
Kenley, on the other hand, headed straight to the Country Dollar store where every accessory under the sun is sold for just $1. After much deliberation, she chose lip gloss, a bright blue feathered pen, Skittles, a  beautiful bejeweled pen, and another peace sign necklace.

She was in heaven. Boy, did I ever regret not having my camera in that store. Next time!

Yesterday, Good Friday, was spent on a day-long date with my two favorite boys- Michael #1 and Michael #2. Once the girls were dropped off at school, we drove up to Georiga to take a look at some home improvement stuff, with little bit chilling, sans big sisters. He quietly hung out for the 5 hour road trip, breathing in the yummy air of ‘Grandaddy’s Barbeque’ on Highway 84, and patiently waiting while Mike and I compared different granite slabs in a warehouse.

Yesterday ended unexpectedly when Mike purchaesd a new vechile for me. When I say new, I mean there are no melted M&Ms in the seat belt hooks, or french fries in the air vent and CD’s can get edjected without the console having to be held up with all your weight. The odometer no longer reads 115,000 and the cataract {mositure} that settled in the front left headlight, is gone… Instead, there is this thing called Bluetooth that allows me to use my phone hands free, beepers that tell me when I am too close to other cars, 2 DVD screens, and even a heated steering wheel. I am determined to keep the burnt cheese smell at bay, breathing in this new car smell as long as possible.  Britton says that she  will get this car next in 7 years. Scary thing is, she might just be right.
Okay, that thought just made my head a little dizzy.
I realize it’s only a car, a material possession, so for that reason I tried to play it cool yesterday, with holding the urge to squeal like a little girl. But as I moved over my cable jumpers, wisk broom, and Florida map {that my Dad gave me when I went off to college- along with the expired mace that I still carry} into the glove compartment, I couldn’t help but get excited.
It’s 6:56 am, so I best get some stuff around the house before the rest of the crew is up. My semi-bald Raynes loves to hang in his jumper while I unload the dishwasher every morning, and we play “Baby Rock and Roll” music on Pandora, and I make funny faces at him. And that coffee is smelling mighty good about now.
I guess it goes to show, at the end of the day, it’s still the little things that mean the most.