Ronald McDonald House 2nd Annual Family Fishing Derby

When we were in Gainesville for Kenley’s hospitalization almost 5 years ago, our family utilized the Ronald McDonald House facilities. It was such a treasure, at a time of freight, to have a place for our family to stay, and be near, our little Kens Kens in the CICU (cardiac intensive care unit). The 10th floor- I can still remember. The PICU, CICU and Burn Unit were all on the 10th floor. As a parent, you were glad when it was your last elevator ride to the 10th floor.

In an effort to repay that gift, because truly- that’s what it was, Mike has served as Treasurer on the local Ronald McDonald Board for the past 5 years.

They used to host an annual celebrity golf tournament for fundraising, but when the ex-football player celebrity moved out of town, it left a gap- both the actual event, and more importantly in the budget. 

RMH provides housing the families of pediatric patients. And I can think of nothing more terrifying, than a parent with a sick child. Housing should be the least of their concerns.

Mike, thinking outside the box, came up with the idea of a family event– where both parents and children could participate in a fishing derby.

This weekend marked the Second Annual Ronald McDonald House Family Fishing Derby. He had a great turnout, kids caught many fish, and more importantly it helped to fund this organization which is special to both of us.

 Nana and Gan’s new rescue Poodle– Coco.

I am very proud of you, hubby! Way to go.

Rawlins loves him some baby Raynes… it’s so sweet. He kept walking over to check on his little buddy…

Boys will be boys….

Mike and B riding down to the lake to drop in some lines.

Don’t think Kenley plans to kiss her fish.

It dosn’t matter what charity it is that speaks to you- so long as you donate your time or money to make a change, big or little.