Six Months | Photos

When I was a kid, my Dad traveled regularly to Orlando for meetings. Orlando– home of Disney World. So every summer, we would travel with him to visit the most magical place on earth.   
I would stand in line, for what seemed like forever, waiting for the ride- Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted House, or Peter Pan. Once seated in the large, brightly colored electric car, the round bar would come down automatically, safely covering my lap, off I would go.
Try as I might to take in all of my surrondings- Peter Pan flying amongst me in the air, the scary library scene of the Haunted Mansion, or the little waterfall at the end of the Pirates of Caribbean, the ride always seemed to end just as soon as it began– moving way too fast for me.

And so it is with my baby boy. 

Just 180 days ago he was born. And here I am, 6 months later. Only yesterday- he reached several milestones:

1. Rolled Over
2. Cut two teeth (bottom)
3. Found his wiener while in the bath tub
4. Laughs out loud when I kiss his belly– full on belly laugh.

It’s too much, too soon.

He is a real baby boy now- no longer an infant. Holding up his eat, preferring sweet potatoes over squash, animal sounds to singing.

I waited so long to get on this ride and it seems to be moving so fast once buckled into my seat.

But I will continue to take in the scenery around me– because this park isn’t closing for a long, long time.