1, 2, or 3

A friend asked me today if there was really that much difference between two and three children.
An honest answer is, it really just depends on the day.
Take today, for instance. It’s 7:36 pm, my dirty dishes are on the counter, I haven’t showered all day, I’m still wearing my gym clothes- germs and all, Poochie is looking for her supper, the girls are eating Nerds for dessert and walking around in dirty clothes and sweaty hair, laundry never did get put away, Rayne’s has clothes with urine on them that I swore I would wash today, I can’t remember the last time I watered my plants {assuming they are still alive}– and my only claim to fame today is that I went to Costco. Costco.
Pitiful, I know.

Now, that’s not every day. Some days I am pretend to be johnny on the spot with dinner prepared by 3:00 (and set inside the fridge), girls bathed by the time Mike arrives home, homework completed, errands done, house spotless, dressed in clothes with real shoes, no flip flops- make up an all, and even some Pandora playing on the stereo at 5:00.
It just depends on the day.
There are days I {delusionally} think that one more child would have been manageable and there are also those days when I think, ‘what the heck were we thinking? I am way out of my league here.’ And I am.
Britton rocked our world and we were more than busy, both working full time, having one child at home. Full time, every day, every hour, every weekend.
When Kenley came along, it was man on man- we each had to roll up our sleeves and get to work.
Then there was what I call, the calm before the storm.
Both daughters were in school, old enough to feed themselves, wipe themselves, bathe themselves and entertain themselves.
And old enough to lose teeth!
And then along came baby, and it once again, rocked our what-was-once-finally-calm world.  
Did we have enough money saved for a third child? No.
Did I have time to spare when it was just the two girls? No.
Do I feel pulled when there are three kids and a hubby all wanting attention at the same time? Yes
Does it stress their Daddy out when he thinks about trying to educate, feed and clothe three children? Um, yes.
Does someone occassionally feel slighted because they aren’t getting enough attention? Yes
But it’s what worked for us. It was scary at first, but now it just feels right.
Someone is about to crawl
Everything is as it should be.  Dirty hair, missing socks and all.
I lied, we also visited Meme today….

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