Ballerina Girl

As the school year winds down, our calendars continue to fill up.  Most recently with Mother’s Day teas, ballet recitals, beach with friends, and on and on.

Kenley has decided she has had enough of ballet, so this was her last recital {for now hopefully}, making Saturday’s performance bittersweet.

Every mama, whether they admit it or not, want their little girl in at least one tutu for the infamous ballet photo.  Both my girls managed to do a little pilet, which in turn, made my heart do a grand jete.
It’s something about tying those ballet shoes, painting on blush, creating the perfect bun, and impressing little people by repairing holes in pink tights with clear fingernail polish.
One of my new all time favorite photos….

Having your best friend to color princesses with you backstage helps to calm the nerves.

Then all the parents crowd into the auditorium, filled with anticipation and armed with fully charged video recorders..  Beaming, we watch our little dancers perform on the big stage, under the bright lights- trying to soak in the moment while etching it into our memory.

When the music stops we adorn our tiny, tutu wearing ballerinas with applause, flowers and praise.

Way to go my ballerina girl.  Stage freight, or no stage freight, you are my star.