Before & After | Kitchen Update

With a 14+ year old house, Mike and I are slowly attempting to make improvements to our house in an effort keep it young.  The latest ‘makeover’ was the kitchen counters-  replacing the Corian with granite.  Nothing is ever as easy as it seems, but we have been happy with the end result. 

I am thinking about painting my kitchen island, but cannot seem to commit to a color.


I think what I enjoyed even more than the counters, was getting to know the gentleman that installed them. You never know what people have been through, until you get to talking to them. This guy, Travis, was about 8 years younger than myself- and I noticed immediately he loved children when he took notice of little Raynes. I asked him if he had kids and he said yes, he had two children, a little girl who was  4 and boy, age 2. Like any good father, this young, skinny boy pulled out his phone to proudly show me their beautiful {and they were gorgeous} faces.
It wasn’t until about 5 hours into the job, when he was once again gave onlooker Raynes the old, “hey buddy, what you see?” that I asked him if they were planning on having any more children. Let’s face it, any man that smitten with kids should have about 17 kids.
He told me that they had three children, but that his daughter, Brooklyn, who would have been Britton’s age, had died this past July from severe cerebral palsy. After talking to him some, I went on to learn that he had previously owned his own, successful welding business, which had since dissolved- and that he and his wife had dated since they were teenagers.
I was speechless.
Here is this guy, not but 28 years old, couldn’t weigh more than 120 pounds wet, lifting this big old pieces of rock, trying to make a living for his sweet wife and two young children.  He recently faced the biggest devastation that ever parent fears, yet more content than anyone we’ve come across in a long time. 
The human spirit is capable of anything- and in the midst of adversity, here is a go that keeps on going– and not only that, goes with a smile and good attitude.
How is that possible? Mike and I were so taken with him, and his– what’s the word, modest, life story, that every time we look at the counter tops it reminds us that if we think we are having a bad day, think again. Instead, kiss our three healthy children and thank God for our blessings .
We have such admiration for this gentleman, whom we will probably never see again.
Because, ‘There but by the grace of God, go I.’


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