Blog Books

Like clockwork, my mom printed copies of my 2011 blog book for me as a birthday gift.   This year required two volumes. Guess I have been rambling on a bit too much last year.

People often ask which service she uses. She has always used  For the most part, I like the way they turn out. There are, however, a couple of things I wish they could change. The white space on the pages- and the small size of the photos. After researching other sites that print blogs into books, I found that this is standard. Someone out there needs to start a service the can print them bigger, anyone? Anyone?

There is a collection of pink, hardbound books on our bookshelves, that essentially contain our lives within in the pages. 

This seems to be a quicker, more efficent way of keeping a “babybook” for my children. I try to sit down several times a week, and touch on anything, big or small, that stands out to me. The girls are a bit older now and get a kick out of reading the books, and looking at pictures of themselves.

Thirty years from now, nothing could replace touching, and feeling a photograph so I try to print most of my favorite photos about every 2 months. I insert them in a large, leather photo books (from Target) chronogically, because I am nerdy like that.

Mom always jokes, if you ever have a house fire, once you get the kids out of the house, make sure you get your books!