Love Notes

As promised, I walked Kenley and B into school this morning. Backpacks, coffee cup, strollers and all- and I was inspired once inside Kenley’s large, bright kindergarten classroom. 
Her sweet teacher had an entire wall covered with love notes from her students. Crayloa drawn Princesses, “You are the best teacher” handwritten notes. She said she can never have a bad day, because all she has to do is look at her wall.
I, to, should have a wall dedicated to my girls love notes. The little pictures they draw and proudly walk over to me, the notes to their Daddy, the handmade birthday card with purple hearts and red construction paper. So now, I have one.

Admittingly, I do not like clutter, loose mail, etc. So the door inside our bathroom now holds our sweet notes. Any time we sit down on the potty, we have something better to look at than the latest Cabelas magazine!