Memorializing Memorial Day

Along with hauling a car full of babies, pack-n-plays, Roaring Waters, diapers, towels, powder formula, turkey sandwiches and hot pink goggles- I also brought along my camera.

With a click, click here. And a click, click there.

Score- pack and play on the island.

Our little island was a bit busier than usual today.

After 45 minutes of crying in his portable bed, that most adults would pay to sleep in today, he finally gave up.

We boated on over with four adults and six children…..

The cruised back down the river looking at the shrimp boats.

No swim trunks and a mildew life jacket. That’s how we roll.

Auntie Jes and her crew… Addie, Tanner and Jake. No wonder we rarely see one another, looks like we have been busy.

Typical boy, likes to hang out in the captains chair watching the instruments and steering wheel with his ol’ man. Yes, that’s the mildew I was referring to. We ain’t too proud to beg.

And a little fresh seafood to cap off a Saturday.

We stopped by the ‘beach house with the attic’ – when someone became irritated that we were not leaving our dogs at home for another 12 hours so she could spend the night. Day trip, my dear.

Saw this FB update that Mom did while we were driving home. Toot, toot.

Actually, I just got bored in the car and tried to tinker with my camera settings some.

We are seriously debating doing it all over again tomorrow….

Just have to finish washing the sand out of the beach towels first.


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