New Neighbors

Sort of.

Aunt Britty and Uncle ‘Map’ {as Kenley pronounces his name} recently moved to ‘our side of town’ and are now a whopping 8 minutes away. Uncle Map, I’m sure, is thrilled to have his doting sister-in-law and adoring nieces so close!

With baby Whit arriving in the coming weeks, it truly does take a village. Uncle Map’s mom spent nights upon nights, along with Matt, painting trim, bathrooms, ceilings, bedrooms and closets.

My girls love Allie Boone’s new play area. I could have all these toys in my own house, and they would sit. Put them in someone else’s home, and voila- kids suddenly want to play with the very same toys that have been sitting at their own home.

Sassy took some time off of unpacking to love on her favorite grandson. Favorite grandson- I say that while I still can, seeing that Raynes is the only grandson on both sides.

AB’s new room
Pops has put together cribs while Mom, Fancy Nancy and myself unpacked boxes and hung pictures.

Our little man- chillaxing and sucking down a bottle.

Three out of the four five of us are on antibiotics- I hope this summer funk disappears along with the school days soon.