Parenting Lesson of the Week

We are in the midst of swim lessons with Britton. As a parent, you are constantly learning. What I have learned, most recently, is that just because your kids learn to swim, doesn’t mean you get to stop taking lessons.  Apparently I missed that parenting memo.

Perhaps my professional doggie paddle is frowned upon by the adult swimming community.

Looks like Kenley will be swimming at the next session, along with sister
In fact, you continue on with lessons, perfecting your stroke technique. Learning rhythmic breathing.  Why did I not know this? Consequently, Britty was moved to a different level age group, that better suits her ability; she is thrilled and jumps in the car after school with a smile on her face.  As of now, she still aspires to make the swim team- and is equally as happy to have been signed up for a ‘hip hip’ dance class in the fall.
I think it is important for girls to have a sport or activity, that they can continue with through their adult years. Take cheer leading, for instance. Whileit was fun, I can’t exactly grab my megaphone, pull on a short, pleated skirt and do a herkey. 
Had I continued on with tennis or piano, perhaps I could.
But hip hop? Seriously, who hasn’t been at a wedding and secretly envied that dude with those moves on the dance floor. Hip Hop B.  Oh, I will be charging my camera battery for that!

Lovely comments

  1. 3'alison says

    Yes with the swimming. I am currently lessoning as an almost 35 year old, because while I can avoid drowning …I had never heard of ” drag”.
    She will master it, and be great.