Pearls and Horseshoe Crabs

I often times throw around the term “bookworm” referring to anyone who reads at least one book a month. In part, because I am envious of those that make time to read, and because reading an entire book a month, at this stage of life, is impressive.
Never before have I actually known a real bookworm. That is, until Kenley. My girl is an avid reader.  Any book she can get her hands on, she will read. She has probably read each of her books 15 times over. It doesn’t matter. So long as she can read aloud, she is happy.

When she gets home from school, she throws her LL Bean backpack in the hallway, slips off her gold pom-pom sandals, and waddles back to her pink and brown bedroom where I find her enthusiastically doing this.

Beginning this summer, we will once again be making weekly trips to the nearby public library to quench her thirst for literature.

This love of reading really began this year. K had a wonderful, patient, attentive kindergartner teacher who we all adore. Early on, she picked up on Kenley’s love of books and consitently fueled it with library books and allowing Kenley to read to the class every week.

With a classroom full of adorable friends and parents, I had already braced myself to be let down next year with a new teacher- no way would we ever have such a sweet group of friends and perfect teacher for Kenley. K’s first grade teacher would have big shoes to fill.

Kenley’s class field trip to the coastal marine lab
Photography by Susan Bouolo

After wringing my hands, I even set up a conference with Mrs. S last week to feel her out to see what first grade teacher might be best suited for my youngest daughter, and if Mrs. S would be able to help with some match making. If only Mrs. S could move to 1st grade.

Kenley’s end of the year party

Well, guess what teacher is moving to first grade? Mrs. S and the entire class. It’s a new program called “looping” where the teacher moves to the next grade level, and students are able to move up with the teacher, with parent’s permission. This helps to eliminate the ramp up time for teachers at the beginning of the school year, and strengthens the classmate’s relationships as well.

My girl lays out her school clothes each night, then accessorizes them as well before she goes to bed.
Photograph by Susan Boulo

This was after I found out that Britton’s teacher, whom she is crazy about.. is also looping!
Out of the 48 lower school teachers, three are looping, and both my girls are keeping their teachers. With all the changes the girls have experienced, particularly Britton who moved schools in the middle of elementary, this is such a blessing.

All that eye twitching I did last summer… for nothing.  God really is in control of everything.

Pearls and crabs- why not?