Week Recap

I had a nice, happy go lucky post that was drafted talking about the many perks of having children spaced out in age. It was intended to have been published on Saturday– here it is Monday, so I will go with what I have.

It started with…..  Free babysitting.

And went on to talk about other weekend events:

Not to be overshadowed by little sister, B had her last drama performance this week. She was sure that parents and grandparents, alike, knew about the play and were instructed to bring flowers. Because, well– Kenley received flowers.

She did fantastic, once again, never one to shy away from the spotlight.

Mike scored free tickets to a country concert this week– it’s been a long time since I was able to wear my cowboy boots, drink some cold beer, and sit back and listen to some good ol’ music. It was long overdue.

While the post had started with the perks, I’ll end it with one of the drawbacks of the ‘free babysitting':
Little Raynes had his first trip to the ER this weekend. While ‘someone’ in our family was babysitting (shall not name the person in observance of our witness protection program- but I will say it ’twasn’t his mama), they decided to put him on our high queen-sized bed, then became sidetracked.
And down little Humpty Dumpty fell.
Needless to say, when I got to the phone call, came racing him to find a very upset, inconsolable baby crying, it got me a little worried.  Auntie Anna was worried about her  my baby too. She sent me to the ER and told me to keep him awake, and watch for vomiting.
On the way to the ER he fell asleep, and once we arrived he began vomiting. Again, and again.  A CT scan and several x-rays later confirmed that this is one tough little boy. 

I think he just wanted some one on one time with his Mama and Sassy… before baby cousin arrives.

How is it that in almost 9 years with girls, we have never been to the ER due to an accident- and 7 months later baby boy has made his first trip to the  hospital?
Goodness. What a weekend.
Everyone is fine, forgiven and enjoying the nice weather today. But I don’t believe I will be drafting any more about the perks of having kids spaced in age– that’s just asking for trouble.
It’s a new day, new week, new lessons to learn.