My Sick Baby

I should have knocked on some wood when I declared Raynes fever-free yesterday. Wrong.  High fever has returned (though thankfully not 105 degrees), as are the snuggles, late night whispers and hugs in the rocking chair, and round the clock Motrin and Tylenol adminitration.

Not to sound munchausen syndrome-like, but I do love the fringe benefits of a sick baby. The cuddles. The boy never sits still so I savor every moment in the rocking chair with his little head on my chest, him purring like a little cat {a cat with a fever hot forehead}, my rubbing his eyes telling him I know he feels bad.

Crawling was just too much effort

He crawls around with a little tears pathatecially rolling down his face. This too shall pass and he will be back to his squirmy, curious and happy self- soon, I hope.


Patio Peek

We have been moving along in full summer camp mode this week when little Raynes decided to throw us a curve ball. Spiking a fever of 105 Tuesday night, he got his Mama a bit nervous. He woke up from a four hour nap yesterday with a 104 temperature –  he was lethargic, not eating and grunting. Us heart moms may not know much, but we know a good ‘grunt’ when we hear it. Taking Auntie Anna’s advice, I took him to the doctor, had bloodwork and chest xray at the hospital, only to confirm that he has some nasty virus- and our boy is perky and fever free today. It always seems to be some “nasty virus”.  Auntie Anna doesn’t mess around with our boy though.
Got to love pediatrics, they can be sick as snot one day, and 24 hours later {almost} good as new.
Speaking of new, we planted some plants in our new urns on the patio. We are still waiting on the cushions, but here is a quick look.

The gates were originally welded for my Dad’s cemetary plot- however we later found out that we couldn’t use them at the city cemetary. Fourteen years later, they are sitting in our back yard laid against our fence.
Intrestingly enough, during construction of the patio, Mom stopped by by to see how it looks. She stands there, hands on hip, and says it’s too bad you couldn’t have designed a gate to go in between the columns.  That’s where the light bulb went off.
It just so happened that the builder had built one column, and so I dragged an iron gate over to see if it would, on the off chance, fit the measurements. Knowing good and well it would not. Lo’ and behold, it fit in between the columns exactly! My  Dad’s beautiful wrought iron “gates” are now the focal point of our back yard.
Boone always liked it when a good landscape plan came together!

I think he would have liked it out here.

Help Wanted

Tropical Storm Debby sat her happy fanny on us, and just doesn’t seem to want to hop off.  The rain has been falling steadily for the past 34 hours with more to follow.
The up side is that it has allowed time to catch up on laundry, line dresser drawers, and watch television. One of my favorite movies, Courageous finally made it to cable and I was excited to be able to watch {and DVR} it. While the acting may not be Academy Award caliber, the message is. 

It is from the same director as Fireproof. For any Father out there, it is a must see.  In part, it asks fathers to commit to the following:
I WILL bless my children and teach them to love God with all of their hearts, all of their minds, and all of their strength.

I WILL train them to honor authority and live responsibly.

I WILL confront evil, pursue justice, and love mercy.

I WILL pray for others and treat them with kindness, respect, and compassion.

I WILL work diligently to provide for the needs of my family.

I WILL forgive those who have wronged me and reconcile with those I have wronged.

I WILL learn from my mistakes, repent of my sins, and walk with integrity as a man answerable to God.

I WILL seek to honor God, be faithful to His church, obey His Word, and do His will.

Wouldn’t the world be a different place if every father made the same committment?

Watching it opened my eyes to my many shortcomings in my role as a parent. It has also made me recommit to my daily devotionals, which have been pushed to the back burner along with many other {unimportant} things. How can I expect my children to read and learn scripture, when I am not setting a consistent example? I have been randomly reading out of the NewTestament {Matthew, Mark, and Luke} for some time now, and realized today that I need a good, new daily devotional to keep my days focused.

Help Wanted: Does anyone have any suggestions on a good devotional? Go to the comments section below and let me know if there is a great devotional book that you would recommend….

New Projects

I’ve been “playing house” round here recently, finally checking off a long list of ‘things to get done’.

Starting with….

I painted, for the second time, behind our bookshelves. I saw this Benjamin Moore navy blue on pinterest, and got the crazy idea to try it. It looked a bit more modern than I had hoped, but with some tweaking of accessories it is a nice change to the SW Halcyon Green we’ve been looking at for the past 7 years.

Girls Bathroom
I conquered my aversion to button holes. Roar. The girls old shower curtain was one I had made over 9 years ago, and since then had been using a grosgrain ribbon to tie back the curtain every night at bath time. After 9 years of bathing babies and tying back the shower curtain, I decided it was time to start new. Found this fun fabric at Fabric Guru, and made the shower curtain using the tutorial I found HERE. Of course, once I picked out the fabric it meant I needed to paint, which meant I needed new towels, and to sew a window treatment. It’s like a domino effect. I may tackle the shower curtain in the Raynes/guest bathroom next so I don’t have to throw it over the curtain rod every time I bathe him.

The paint got an update as well so I painted a few coats of Sherwin Williams ‘Antique White’ which is just a fancy name for cream. This way I can change out the shower curtain easily without having to change the wall color. Not that I plan on doing so, hubby who will read this….

Every southern girl needs a monogrammed bath towel, another memo I missed. The girls new hot pink bath towels are very happy sitting on their towel bar with lime green initials. Monogramming can become a bit addictive which is why I try to resist the urge to monogram much.
Finally, with the addition of Mike’s bird mount in the kitchen, I exchanged an antique crystal/brass pendant for a more rustic chandelier. Ballard Design was nice to me with a price tag of only $99. Now I just need to find some shades. BD had the perfect linen shades for $2 but the gal in front of my in the store but every last one. Darn her.

Our creeping fig, a favorite, is finally taking off in the front of the house. We also planted it by the front stairs and hope by this time next year it will have grown some as well. Painters always cringe when they see creeping fig on our painted brick, but I love the contrast.

Needed Wanted some new dried stems for the living room vase- and Hobby Lobby had these paper mache flowers on clearance for $1.97. Just in time for summer.

One of the few items I picked up at Scotts Antique Market earlier this month was this handmade folk art sign. They had so many good sayings it was hard to choose.

Not exciting to most, but fun for a nerd like myself. Still have more projects on deck, like sewing Britton’s Euro shams for her room and painting the girls bathroom vanity (hot pink perhaps?). The patio pots came in this week but still waiting on the upholstery guy for the darn cushions for the seating area. Why is it that all big projects take three times as long as planned? Maybe by fall the patio will be open for business….

Eight Months Young

Better late than never….

36 weeks

I recently updated Raynes’ actual baby book– and found this blog to be most helpful with the monthly updates as I have already forgotten sleeping habits, new foods and discoveries from month to month.
Okay– here we go, 8 months old.  You are still a happy baby, and you have to be because quite frankly we are always on the go with little time to fuss over you.  You take a bottle in the morning, and alternate it with organic baby food all day long. Pears, apples and carrots are your favorite. You have a very dramatic gag reflex {just like your father} when I try to give you peas, tomato pasta jar stuff or anything with chicken in it.  Maybe you will attend acting camp on day.
Accomplishments: Crawling like a mad man, pulling yourself up and standing for long periods of time (with support). I see a walking Raynes on the horizon.

New Foods You Like: At the swimming pool this week you ate some ice and loved it. Also introduced crackers, Puffs and pizza crust for you to gnaw on. At the Kuersteiner reunion you reached for everyone’s beer bottle, but we will pretend like that is a coincidence.

Sleeping: You are able to stay up a little later now (6:45- 7:30) and sleep until 7:00 pm’ ish. You take a one hour morning nap and 1.5 hour afternoon nap (give or take). Dinner is at 5:30 pm followed by your favorite time of the day, bath time.

Special Memories: Your first Father’s Day (on your actual 8 month birthday)– and the arrival of your first boy cousin.. Baby Whit.

New Discoveries: Dropping your puffs on the floor, makes it fun to watch Tucker eat it.

You are teething which disrupts your sleep sometimes (rather my sleep) and have had your first bout of pink eye, but manage to remain happy, content and well adjusted to this crazy house of yours. Bless your little heart.