Dawg Days

Day one– we have been to the gym, where child #1 had a meltdown because she was “too old for this this place” and I was “the meanest mom ever” for taking her to the large, clean, craft-filled child care room. Five minutes in, I arranged for Big Daddy to come pick her up, out of that same Mommy guilt, only to have her tell me later that she actually loved it once inside.

Dooped again.

Goodbye, backpacks.

Attempting to keep my sanity in check over the next several months, I have once again devised a summer routine for our Motley crew. In an effort to get the buy in from B, she helped me come up with a game plan.

She is super excited about it and we are hoping this will make days productive, special, moving, and fun. We did this last summer and it seemed to have worked well. This year I plan to utilize Pinterest to find crafts that are a bit less… what’s the word, cheap. Some that may be more advanced but that I won’t feel like trashing {when the girls aren’t looking} days later.

Poochie is the only one in the house that doesn’t seem to forget what have a sleeping baby in the next room.

1 day down, 81 days to go!