Eight Months Young

Better late than never….

36 weeks

I recently updated Raynes’ actual baby book– and found this blog to be most helpful with the monthly updates as I have already forgotten sleeping habits, new foods and discoveries from month to month.
Okay– here we go, 8 months old.  You are still a happy baby, and you have to be because quite frankly we are always on the go with little time to fuss over you.  You take a bottle in the morning, and alternate it with organic baby food all day long. Pears, apples and carrots are your favorite. You have a very dramatic gag reflex {just like your father} when I try to give you peas, tomato pasta jar stuff or anything with chicken in it.  Maybe you will attend acting camp on day.
Accomplishments: Crawling like a mad man, pulling yourself up and standing for long periods of time (with support). I see a walking Raynes on the horizon.

New Foods You Like: At the swimming pool this week you ate some ice and loved it. Also introduced crackers, Puffs and pizza crust for you to gnaw on. At the Kuersteiner reunion you reached for everyone’s beer bottle, but we will pretend like that is a coincidence.

Sleeping: You are able to stay up a little later now (6:45- 7:30) and sleep until 7:00 pm’ ish. You take a one hour morning nap and 1.5 hour afternoon nap (give or take). Dinner is at 5:30 pm followed by your favorite time of the day, bath time.

Special Memories: Your first Father’s Day (on your actual 8 month birthday)– and the arrival of your first boy cousin.. Baby Whit.

New Discoveries: Dropping your puffs on the floor, makes it fun to watch Tucker eat it.

You are teething which disrupts your sleep sometimes (rather my sleep) and have had your first bout of pink eye, but manage to remain happy, content and well adjusted to this crazy house of yours. Bless your little heart.


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