Heaven on Earth

When I was a little girl, I can remember holding my Mom’s hand as we walked through the parking lot towards JC Pennys. Looking up at her I said, “I always get this funny feeling in my stomach when we come to the mall.”
My mom asked, “does it feel like butterflies are flying inside your tummy?”
“Yes!” I exclaimed, “that’s exactly what it feels like.”
It was at that point, I imagine, that my mom knew the damage was done.
Thirty years later, as I walk into building #1 of Scotts Antique Market, the same wings start fluttering inside my stomach.  Only this time, I have my little girls (and boy) with me. Scotts has antiques, reproductions, one of a kind pieces and some good ol’ country cooking in the back of the store.  It’s a bit addictive and Mike figured that out when I drove home in a Uhaul truck after my first visit. Yes, the big kind with spotty air conditioning, loud motor and hand roll down windows.  I was allowed to go back, under the condition no more Uhaul trucks.
So I rented a trailer and attached it to my truck.
The third time, I was told the ol’ ‘if we don’t need it, don’t buy it Garrett.’  By this time,  I was no longer working, so the third row in my truck folded down, and I called it a day.
This time, a couple of antique rings for the girls (2 for $10) and some vintage wrought iron nesting tables for the patio, fit into the cargo area amongst the pack-n-play and duffel bags.
Much to my surprise, the girls loved it.  They loved my favorite place too! Searching through the antique costume jewelry for the perfect piece, kept them on a mission for two solid hours in the hot Atlanta heat.

Now if the day comes when they say to me that their stomach feels a little funny when they arrive at a store, I will know it’s all over.