I thought it would be an action packed week, and an action packed week it was.

It started off with a bang, or rather police sirens, when I was pulled over for speeding in Omega, Georgia. Yes, that is a real town. Somehow this nerdy sets-cruise-control-to-prevent-speeding mama was pulled over, with all three kids in the backseat. 62 mph in a 45 mph zone. Ouch. Thankfully, when I told him I was headed to Atlanta, he must have seen the six little eye balls in the back seats and felt sorry for me, citing me with a lesser offense.

With a little quick thinking, I explained to the girls that this was a good example of what happens to adults when they break the rules/laws. We get punished, which is why it is important for them to mind our rules when they are young- to learn that all actions have consequences. Hello pot, it’s me kettle.

This shot pretty much sums up the crazy  week.

Smart guy- run for the hills while you still have a chance.
It was a full circle moment, to hang out with some of my dearest friends, with our children now spending time together, laughing, dancing and drinking {Trader Joe’s organic pink lemonade of course}. We have been friends since kindergarten, and when we left my girls were hugging my friend’s children with ‘I love yous’ and ‘see you soons’.
Worth every mile and each minute.

Little miss Sara Mays, aka Maysie. Everything is dramatic, and serious, from pointing to the birds in the sky, to burying Raynes in her Circa 1980 Raggady Anne and Andy crochet blanket.
And baby blue eyes— Downing. 
Lucky for him, he wasn’t subjected to our weary bunch the entire stay, rather preferring to enjoy us in smaller doses. Can’t say that I blame him!
Courtney arranged for a fun morning to Atlanta’s children museum, Imagine It.  The highlight of my girls week, according to them.
Railey and Kenley spent so much time swimming, painting fingernails and doing goodness knows what else in the playroom, that we couldn’t hardly get them to slow down long enough to eat lunch.
They spent countless hours making each other look like drag queens applying make up to one another.

Aunt Shea was such a trooper for putting up with us and allowing me to break her garbage disposal in her new house (who knew popcorn kernels can cause damage), cause the washing machine pipe to leak, and eat all of her sodium-filled pasta-roni packages and destroy her kitchen three times a day.

That would be Shea telling Britton that if she lived with her, that they would shop at Justice every week  and Shea would buy her every one-shouldered sequin top she wanted. Britton is ready to change her name.

I should also have a poster size picture of her husband, Paul, since he got me front row tickets to the Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw concert. As if that wasn’t enough, halfway through the concert, as I was standing by myself gazing watching Kenny, close enough to see his ear wax, assuming he had any, someone taps me on the shoulder and says that Zac Brown was standing with Shea and crew. Stand by myself, or stand next to the Zac Brown. Hmm? So I try to play it cool, in my cowboy boots and ruffled dress, and walk a few feet back and stand next to Zac Brown and his wife- too scared to even look at him, much less talk to him.   Once a groupie, always a groupie.
So cool to watch him make an impromptu appearance on the Georgia Dome stage to sing with Kenny, yes we are on a first name basis- we go way back (1994 when I was the president of his fan club/local chapter)- that’s a story for another day.
After the concert we walk backstage to the small, private party at Kenny Chesney’s tour bus. These guys have pimped out buses parke right underneath the stage, who knew! Hanging out with Kenny Chesney, Jake Owen, Zac Brown and 15 other folks who I have never seen before. Ol’ Kenny was so close, and once again I tried to put my hands in my pocket and ‘be cool’, resisting the urge to run up to each one and ask for a photo or autograph. Npbody me surronded by these musical somebodies.

I have been spoiled and shall never be able to watch just any ol’ concert again. Thank you Shea and Paul!

More later, time to catch up on my trash DVR that I missed all week. RHOC here I come. has a new site and no longer allows music to play on outside sites. As depechmode once sang, enjoy the silence.