Justice For All

When I had my first child, Britton, she was by far- the best dressed person in the Robinson house. I attended every trunk show wihin a 20 mile radius. Her big, colorful grosgrain hair bows matched each hand-smocked dress and every pair of Mary Janes. Everything she wore was brand new- so unlike her little brother. Hand-me-downs weren’t a thought {probably because I was the first of my friends to have a baby}. 
She allowed me to put her hair in pig tails, dress her in adorable skirts, ruffled dresses, and little, metallic sandals. Then screech.. it all stopped. She woke up one day last summer and decided that she was too old for ribbons in her hair, dresses were for ‘girly-girls’ and it was hard to go fishing in a skirt. She traded in her L’Amour shoes for black Converse tennis shoes, her Just Ducky turquoise sundress for Old Navy peace t-shirts and my handmade twirl skirts for Target jean shorts.
While I realize on the surface it it just clothes, I also understand it is deeper than that. I knew the time would come, she needs to be dressing her age. It is my little girl growing up, which is where I have had the real struggle. Since she is my oldest, a lot of this parenting stuff I am having to figure out as I go. Including how to teach appropriateness. It ain’t always easy, but I am trying the ol’ fashioned give and take where I can.
Trying to say yes, more than I say no.
Realzing that her outward appearance is no longer a reflection of me, rather a reflection of herself.
This week was a triumph for Miss Britton as we ordered a couple new church dresses and t-shirts on line {a two day process for her to finalize her choices}, and also visited her favorite store, Justice, while in Atlanta. She was like a kid in a candy store, literally.

I am going to continue to try thwarting off the sequined mini skirts a while longer, however if a little, neon yellow and spaghetti strap shirt makes my girl happy, I am learning it is a small gesture that goes a long way instilling confidence in my girl who is will be a young lady before I care to admit.

All weekend he wore her green fluorescent shirt and neon leopard print gym shorts {compliments of her Sassy}, and felt beautiful in it.  And if there is nothing else I teach my daughter- I want her to feel confident in her skin, and know that she is beautiful both inside and out. And if neon helps me achieve this, then bring it on!