Tenaciousness. You gotta admire my girls tenaciousness.  For the past 2 months, Britton has been working on a script for her movie, Mertastic. Let me tell you, she {and Pops} has it all planned it. The script is 16 pages long so far, she has casted her friends, chosen the location (our beach house- to stay within her $1,000 budget), asked me to sew the costumes, has Pops researching movie cameras, and has a number of elaborate ways to spend her money (clothes from Justice, return to her old school, an iPhone for her and Kenley, and a hamster), once she becomes a “millionaire” from releasing her first big screen production.

“There once was a mermaid named Brittany, whose dad wanted her to become a princess. She didn’t want to though.
          “It is important that you stay in these safe waters, Brittany. It is your destiny to be crowned Princess of Clear Water Palace, whether you like it or not.” Her father said.
          “Well, I don’t want to become a princess; it is not my destiny.”
          “You must obey me and do as I say. I am your father and King of Clear Water Palace.”
          Brittany decides she must run away before the crowning ceremony. She grabs her favorite belongings and swims away, as fast as she can. When her dad realizes what she has done he gets so mad he makes a huge wave and Brittany gets caught in it. The wave is so large; she is washed up and lands in someone’s swimming pool that sits next to an ocean house. It is late at night and Brittany doesn’t know where she has landed.
          The next morning she wakes up.
          “Where am I?” she says to no one in particular.
          Then she hears a human voice and listens quietly.
          “Come on mom, walk faster, you’re so slow. I want to get in the pool and swim while you walk on the beach.” Jewel tells her mother.
          Jewel is an amazing nine year old girl. She has a sense of style and grace. She has long brown hair and freckles on her nose which spill down her cheeks. Her personality is sweet and friendly. She is just plain nice.”
Swim lessons have continued on as well- rain or shine. As one parent told me, you just think you are wasting your time watching swim lessons on the mats during a rain storm.

Mike took B out for a date recently, ladies choice. They went to the pet store where she picked out an aquarium and four small fish. Sadly, Scooter and Ralph died the next morning but I am happy to report to Fred and Spot are still swimming strong. I can’t decide who was more excited about the tank, her Daddy or B.

Never one to have a stagnant imagination, yesterday was yet another performance in our foyer.

Welcome summer!

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