New Projects

I’ve been “playing house” round here recently, finally checking off a long list of ‘things to get done’.

Starting with….

I painted, for the second time, behind our bookshelves. I saw this Benjamin Moore navy blue on pinterest, and got the crazy idea to try it. It looked a bit more modern than I had hoped, but with some tweaking of accessories it is a nice change to the SW Halcyon Green we’ve been looking at for the past 7 years.

Girls Bathroom
I conquered my aversion to button holes. Roar. The girls old shower curtain was one I had made over 9 years ago, and since then had been using a grosgrain ribbon to tie back the curtain every night at bath time. After 9 years of bathing babies and tying back the shower curtain, I decided it was time to start new. Found this fun fabric at Fabric Guru, and made the shower curtain using the tutorial I found HERE. Of course, once I picked out the fabric it meant I needed to paint, which meant I needed new towels, and to sew a window treatment. It’s like a domino effect. I may tackle the shower curtain in the Raynes/guest bathroom next so I don’t have to throw it over the curtain rod every time I bathe him.

The paint got an update as well so I painted a few coats of Sherwin Williams ‘Antique White’ which is just a fancy name for cream. This way I can change out the shower curtain easily without having to change the wall color. Not that I plan on doing so, hubby who will read this….

Every southern girl needs a monogrammed bath towel, another memo I missed. The girls new hot pink bath towels are very happy sitting on their towel bar with lime green initials. Monogramming can become a bit addictive which is why I try to resist the urge to monogram much.
Finally, with the addition of Mike’s bird mount in the kitchen, I exchanged an antique crystal/brass pendant for a more rustic chandelier. Ballard Design was nice to me with a price tag of only $99. Now I just need to find some shades. BD had the perfect linen shades for $2 but the gal in front of my in the store but every last one. Darn her.

Our creeping fig, a favorite, is finally taking off in the front of the house. We also planted it by the front stairs and hope by this time next year it will have grown some as well. Painters always cringe when they see creeping fig on our painted brick, but I love the contrast.

Needed Wanted some new dried stems for the living room vase- and Hobby Lobby had these paper mache flowers on clearance for $1.97. Just in time for summer.

One of the few items I picked up at Scotts Antique Market earlier this month was this handmade folk art sign. They had so many good sayings it was hard to choose.

Not exciting to most, but fun for a nerd like myself. Still have more projects on deck, like sewing Britton’s Euro shams for her room and painting the girls bathroom vanity (hot pink perhaps?). The patio pots came in this week but still waiting on the upholstery guy for the darn cushions for the seating area. Why is it that all big projects take three times as long as planned? Maybe by fall the patio will be open for business….