Hello Baby Whit

Not so little baby Matthew Whitman Jacobs II arrived into the world last night at 9:52 pm weighing 8 pounds and 10 ounces. “Whit” is doing great, as is my little sister.

Fifteen minutes of pushing and out he comes.

First time SB gets to hold baby munchkin.

I’m sure it’s very hard to tell who the grandparents are with their beaming faces….

Uncle Map’s Mommy, Leslie welcoming her first grandson.  She gets a Mama badge with four children of her own, including a set of twin boys weighing 8 and 9 lbs (Uncle Matt!).

This sweet boy is already adored and has more love, family and clothes than he will know what to do with. Glad you are finally here safe and sound, little guy.


Plus One

Aunt Britty and Uncle Map are at the hospital this morning where baby Whit will slowly, but surely make his way into this world. Little Miss Allie Boone (her Mama too) doesn’t know what she is in for.
Our girls are 2 years and 8 months apart. We had a miscarriage in between, or Britton would have had a sibling exactly 25 months younger. A two year age difference, just like I had planned — of course, we all know life never goes exactly as we plan it because we aren’t really The One in charge. Kenley and Raynes have a bit of an age gap with  5.5 years in between them {with a miscarriage in between these pregnancies as well, and much more ‘effort’ to get pregnant again}– so I cannot offer much advice to my younger sister who will have children just shy of 18 months apart.
That’s two babies really.
Allie Boone can’t wipe herself, bathe herself, swim, heck- she can barely talk but… she can definitely feed herself.  I’m sure Britton, as a toddler, wasn’t much farther ahead when her little sister was born, back in the day, but I sure can’t imagine {or even remember} how hard that would be to have children so close together in age. Shhh, don’t tell Sara.  Like every other Mom out there, she will figure it out as she goes and do great.
It doesn’t hurt that her “village” is on standby, ready and willing.

Our last ‘family dinner’ before Whit comes onto the scene– Raynes is enjoying his last moments of his brief role as “the baby”.  It’s too bad that Mike got “neutered”, or I would surely want one more baby. That’s how crazy I am. Now that we have three, what’s one more? Okay, okay– I know that babies cost money. Such a shame, but anway…

For this first time, I am not envious of other pregnant Mamas. I can officially say been there, done that and don’t miss it. Mind you, I would love another baby, but I sure don’t want to be pregnant again, not that my body could handle it.

39 weeks

Sara Britton found out she was pregnant the day Raynes was born, October 17th, 2011. This Sunday he turned 8 months old, and today (or thereabouts) she will have her baby boy.

Seems like just yesterday this sweet gal was BORN. Can’t wait to see what her tiny brother looks like….

And for the record, my guess is 8 lbs 7 oz. with dark hair. Hola!

For the Love of Books

What Justice is to Britton, the library is to Kenley. The girl could spend hours in a library, without so much as blinking an eye.  She likes to pull the book off the shelf, flip through a couple of pages, then make her decision as to whether or not the book is worthy to be chosen as one of her 5 allotted books per visit.

I feel a little guilty pushing her along after a mere thirty minutes of browsing.

Books on the Titanic- my girls have a fascination with the sunken ship. Probably because of the MOVIE we saw together.

Of course, when she comes home and quickly breezes through the books and begins asking when we will be going to the library again. 

Katie Couric? Nicely done Kens.

Fathers Day

This was a first- celebrating Father’s Day for a father of three little people

Thirty little fingers.
With two still in bows (kind of)
6 little eyeballs
And 30 precious toes.

Happy Father’s Day to my children’s wonderful Dad. Will these kids ever know just how lucky they are?

Reuniting with Family

Since 1980 each and every summer my Dad’s family comes  together for a week-long family reunion (and no, we don’t have t-shirts made). With the exception of the year we met in Spanish Wells, Bahamas, we always meet at the quaint, beach cottage where my Dad and his siblings spent their summers- Saint Teresa.

It’s hard to tell if this was last night, or twenty years ago. The scene has not changed much.

It’s full circle. My grandmother would be smiling as our parents are now the grandparents, us ‘kids’ are the parents, and it is our little ones running around the beach cottage, not us cousins driving our four wheelers on the screened in porch.  It is really, really strange when I take it all in. But such is life.

I heard a great quote recently, from one of my favorite people, Sarah Ball. She has five year old triplets and a newborn. She once told a mutual friend something along the lines of, “the days are slow, but the years go fast”.
I tend to agree with that sentiment.  It seems like only a month ago we were at last year’s family reunion.

The main difference seems to be that each year, there is a new baby on the scene. Kepping that circle ever going.

Next summer, we already have two babies ‘on the books’.

Baby Whit is scheduled to arrive next week

Parents pass around babies, simotaneouslyhold their cold beer bottles and baby bottles catching p on  sports, jobs, family, and weather.

There are 7 siblings (my dad’s brothers and sisters), 19 cousins (one due in October), 19 second cousins (our children- also with one due this month).