Patio Peek

We have been moving along in full summer camp mode this week when little Raynes decided to throw us a curve ball. Spiking a fever of 105 Tuesday night, he got his Mama a bit nervous. He woke up from a four hour nap yesterday with a 104 temperature –  he was lethargic, not eating and grunting. Us heart moms may not know much, but we know a good ‘grunt’ when we hear it. Taking Auntie Anna’s advice, I took him to the doctor, had bloodwork and chest xray at the hospital, only to confirm that he has some nasty virus- and our boy is perky and fever free today. It always seems to be some “nasty virus”.  Auntie Anna doesn’t mess around with our boy though.
Got to love pediatrics, they can be sick as snot one day, and 24 hours later {almost} good as new.
Speaking of new, we planted some plants in our new urns on the patio. We are still waiting on the cushions, but here is a quick look.

The gates were originally welded for my Dad’s cemetary plot- however we later found out that we couldn’t use them at the city cemetary. Fourteen years later, they are sitting in our back yard laid against our fence.
Intrestingly enough, during construction of the patio, Mom stopped by by to see how it looks. She stands there, hands on hip, and says it’s too bad you couldn’t have designed a gate to go in between the columns.  That’s where the light bulb went off.
It just so happened that the builder had built one column, and so I dragged an iron gate over to see if it would, on the off chance, fit the measurements. Knowing good and well it would not. Lo’ and behold, it fit in between the columns exactly! My  Dad’s beautiful wrought iron “gates” are now the focal point of our back yard.
Boone always liked it when a good landscape plan came together!

I think he would have liked it out here.


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  1. 5' says

    You know, the best way to keep that yard looking flawless is to put on your lizzard earrings and pay the kiddos a nickle a piece to pick up leaves …