Reuniting with Family

Since 1980 each and every summer my Dad’s family comes  together for a week-long family reunion (and no, we don’t have t-shirts made). With the exception of the year we met in Spanish Wells, Bahamas, we always meet at the quaint, beach cottage where my Dad and his siblings spent their summers- Saint Teresa.

It’s hard to tell if this was last night, or twenty years ago. The scene has not changed much.

It’s full circle. My grandmother would be smiling as our parents are now the grandparents, us ‘kids’ are the parents, and it is our little ones running around the beach cottage, not us cousins driving our four wheelers on the screened in porch.  It is really, really strange when I take it all in. But such is life.

I heard a great quote recently, from one of my favorite people, Sarah Ball. She has five year old triplets and a newborn. She once told a mutual friend something along the lines of, “the days are slow, but the years go fast”.
I tend to agree with that sentiment.  It seems like only a month ago we were at last year’s family reunion.

The main difference seems to be that each year, there is a new baby on the scene. Kepping that circle ever going.

Next summer, we already have two babies ‘on the books’.

Baby Whit is scheduled to arrive next week

Parents pass around babies, simotaneouslyhold their cold beer bottles and baby bottles catching p on  sports, jobs, family, and weather.

There are 7 siblings (my dad’s brothers and sisters), 19 cousins (one due in October), 19 second cousins (our children- also with one due this month).