Road Trip

With blue skies everywhere within a 100 mile radius, Mike and I managed to find the one thunderstorm on Saturday. We took a rare, impromptu road trip to the coast only to cross “the bridge” (signaling the locals arrival into what we affectionately call The Coast) towards heavy rain, loud thunder and much lightening.  The terrible timing was like a  scene from a movie.
Mike, the rational one, talked me into staying at the cottage- yes, I actually suggested turning the car around and driving back to town. {I may have even pouted in a car a little while}.The lightening dissipated long enough to make it a memorable day with cooler temperatures thanks to the hang around drizzles.

Raynes enjoyed a long snooze under a ceiling fan, with a humming, window box AC unit blowing on him inside the cottage. The perfect Florida nap.


Plus One, Minus One

One of the quirky things about having children spaced out in age is their different phases of development.  Reminding one child to always flush the toilet, while scolding abother for trying to lick the screw covers on the bottom of the toilet (eww, so gross). Kenley lost her 4th tooth this week, just as Raynes welcomed his top, front tooth. Plus one, minus one.
The Tooth Fairy must have been short on change because Little Miss received a $5 bill (although, this was my well-intended plan which was long since forgotten once it was nicely filed away on Pinterest).

Other than keeping track of teeth, over due library books, and a very mobile Raynes- Daddy has returned from his mini lobstering trip to the Florida Keys, and is back to spending time with his babies.

As I was about to hit ‘publish’, I received this text. Looks like he is having fun bowling with his girls (another first)- while our little guy naps the day away. I sure do love lazy Sundays.


Lately I have been wondering how much of a parent’s actions transcend into our children’s make up of who they are. For instance, if parents are fervent readers, will children grow up with a passion for literature? If a parent enjoys mindless reality television, will their children be infiltrated with the same? If a parent is a champion for the higher education prestigious institutions, will their children covet those distinguished-type schools as well?  If these things the ‘norm’ as children grow, is this ultimately what they unconsciously assume is enjoyed or wanted by them as well?
Try as might to listen to appropriate music  in the car (the #6 song this week is Blow Me by Pink?!),  avoid texting while driving, give them my undivided attention while resisting the urge to check my iPhone, I often times fail miserably. 
Could this be why Kenley immediately puts on her head phones and powers on a movie when she climbs in the car? Electronics are a part of her parents world afterall. 
Or why Britton really could care less about summer reading. She doesn’t see me power on my Kindle at 10:30 pm, reading for a few minutes before I fall asleep myself.
I get that most 6 and 9 year old girls would prefer to spend their summers watching television over reading, sleeping in and laying low.  It’s more rooted than that.  Yes- children are individuals, but I can’t help but think we have a considerably bigger influence on our children with our choices, beliefs and preferences than we may ever realize.

Glamour Shots

It’s glamour shot Thursday– today we are featuring ginger snap Raynes.

Sadly, this is the first booty shot of the little man… There is something about baby’s booties that all mamas love. If only that cellulite was still cute at age 35.

A Quick Whit

I’ve been meaning to get some decent photos of baby Whit lately. But I’ve gotta be honest, when I’m over there, it’s pretty chaotic with 5 children under the age of 9.   With about 3 minutes to work with, before our impromptu photo session was Allie Boone bombed, here are a couple of shots for the now 1-month old, baby Whit.

 Big sister going in for some kisses….

Sara Britton thinks he looks constipated here, but I think that little face is absolutely adorable.  He is thinking about somethin’.