A Family Affair

From the moment Kenley awakes, which has been around 10 am lately, she begins asking when we can visit Allie Boone. Having cousins a mere 7 minutes away, has it’s benefits. Like built-in, daily entertainment. Almost every afternoon, around 4:00, we pack up and head to Aunt Britty’s house allowing kill time the kids play together for an hour or two. It works out well, because as most moms know, the ‘witching hour’ from 5-7 pm is typically when children melt down, whine and essentially drive their parents to drink. Instead, AB and Kenley have a blast, Raynes can ‘explore’, they bond over goldfish, and eventually take a quick bubble bath together before we head home for dinner.
The benfits of this little set up are two fold. The cousins have fun and the parent’s don’t have to pop open a beer. Well, usually we don’t.

Kenley has this baby boy ‘thing’ down pat.

Yes, that would be George going in for the real thing.

Whit- One Month Old. He likes Maury Povich television.

Mike will kill me when he sees this, but I’ve always wanted to know what he would look like as a girl. I’d say he is mighty purty in his flowered headband. But something tells me he still doesn’t pass for a girl.

Time to head back over to Aunt Brittys!