And a Happy Birthday to You

Nine years ago today, I was laid up in my hospital bed, Oprah was playing on the small TV,  with IV’s and Pitocin pumping into my veins. Try as we might, my baby girl was happy in my belly and not about to budge a moment before she was ready. Doctor Phil came on at 5:00, and I remember my water broke during the commercial break. Before that show was over, I was in horrible pain thinking surely the anaesthesiologist must not be at the hospital because he was taking so long.
One and a half hours of pushing later, and four days into my hospital stay, a beautiful baby Britton was born at 1:32 am weighing a dainty 7 lbs 11 ounces- with a head full, and I mean full, of thick, black hair.
Six days after we arrived at the hospital, Mike and I carried our new baby out in our arms, having no idea what to do next.

I am still trying to figure it out, 3,285 day later. Most days I have no idea what I am doing, but I am having a hell of a lot of fun along the way.

Ever the party planner, preparing the favors for her guests

My mom pointed out to Britton this evening, amongst more celebrating at Yobe frozen yogurt, that Britton is half way through living with her parents. 9+ 9= 18 years old.

I sure hope not, because that thought really does make the air in my chest suddenly exhale.

 We celebrated our gal’s 9th birthday with a Spa Party at ‘Britton’s Salon’.

Doesn’t everyone want colored duct tape for their birthday?

 These girls are at such a sweet age, most of them didn’t know one another, and had a ball.

Roadie Cookies for the girls to take home with them… salon style.

B decorated colorful bags for each guests and filled them with fingernail polish, emery boards and toe separators… Beauty in a bag.

I had asked the bakery, Tasty Pastry, to mimic the gal on her birthday invitation, however Miss Thang had me call them back preferring rather to have pearls, polish and make up brushes on her round, chocolate and vanilla layered cake.  Got to give it to her, the gal knows what she wants.

The salon table. Guests chose their color, glitter, and nail art.

And, the waiting area. Nana had lots of little girl magazines like American Girl and Cricket.

Lindsey  (in black) helped with the “Nail Art”- several of the girls thought she might have just been a professional! Lindsey is Allie Boone and Whit’s nanny- my girls think she is famous because they are allowed to follow her on Instagram (user name: legitlindsey) and they now refer to her a ‘leg it Lindsey’. She keeps me up to date with daily photos of my niece and nephew.

Sassy did facials on all the girls. I can’t be sure, but I think I over heard her telling one guest, “if something ever hurts your face, that just means that it’s making you beautiful.”

A grateful Britton.

Happy 9th Birthday, sweet girl.