Blog Blahs

I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I’ve had the blog blah’s all week. I’ve seem to have lost my umph to click, upload, write, post, exercise, cook, everything really.  With the exception of my iPhone, I’ve even avoided most {not all} electronic media this week. While I am inspired every day, I just cannot seem to get motivated lately.  Whatever it was, I think I am over it.
Dusted off the ol’ Canon lens tonight, cooked a delicious, high protein/low carb, chinese chicken dinner {from my favorite cookbook} even went outside to get some hot, fresh air– and have found my way back to my desk this evening. Goodness forbid I go an entire week without documenting the oh-so exciting things we have done.  Starting with…
Fourth of July. Staycation style.

Loving this burlap ribbon with the navy edge– no idea where Mom found it.

Humid, much?

This photo is totally out of focus, but I love the capture of R’s little head poking out of his Lands End bag that Sassy turned into a carnival ride.  Judging by the mess and tee pee in the background, guess you can see why the grandkids love going to Sassy and Pops house…

Two-week old Whit is out and about…. laid back little guy. If he keeps that frowning up he will need botox sooner rather than later.

I can’t remember ever seeing Britton as excited as she was watching Mike light up each of the fireworks. She squealed, jumped up and down, smiled, clapped… it was so much more entertaining than the bright firey explosions.

Made our second trip to the library– Kenley chose a chapter book this time, The Babysitters Club, and had it finished the next morning. Book Nerd. Book Nerd.  Oh my little book nerd. Am I going to be one of those moms that has to put a bumper sticker on my car that says, “my kid is an honor roll student at such and such school?”

Found a great website that makes math fun for childen by emailing daily word problems for children to solve, with several levels of difficulty. It was recently written up in USA Today and my girls love it, especially Britton.  They also have free calendar they can mail you to keep track of your participation.

Somone got a haircut, which was long over due no thanks to her slack Mama, and I am loving it! I am keeping my fingers crossed that when she heads to her spend-the-night camp later this month she will remember to brush it every day.

And finally, the 50 shades of Raynes.

 8 months old