Middle Child Syndrome

With the addition of another sibling this fall, it is a rare and special opportunity for me to be able to have a one-on-one day of fun with the girls. I try to get each of them away by themselves, every so often, to hang out and do something with just the two of us.
Middle child was the most recent recipient of such an outing.
We had our nails ‘done’, grabbed some lunch, and headed to the fabric store for her to design her next skirt for mama to make her. Talk about my kind of girl!

We also stopped by the Dollar Tree for Kenley to choose special ‘gifts’ for Britton’s care package. She ended up going with a pink pencil case, princess shampoo and bright markers.

We stopped by Bernina Connection for her to browse the colorful fabrics for a good 20 minutes. So many choices! And yes, that is Christmas fabric beneath the cutting board. Christmas fabric!

It is such a special time  to be able to have individual conversations with my precious little people- to sit and talk, asking questions and be able to listen to the uninterrupted answers.  I wish I could do it more often.