Nine Months | Raynes

Just like a heavy weight boxer, or in your case a light weight boxer, here are your stats.

Height: 28.5″   (73%)
Weight:  19 lbs 3 oz   (30%)
Head Circumference:  46.3 cm   (53%)

Food: You have finally decided to hold your bottle yourself, and eat some finger foods beyond the standard cheerios. Just like your sister Britton, you have two small sweet teeth that prefer sugar over peas. Speaking of vegetables, you still have an aversion to strawberries, watermelon, pasta, tomatoes, and peas.

Mobility: You crawl everywhere and can stand on your own but not for long. You have managed to visit the hospital again this month, when your fever spiked to 105 degrees. Several tests and more days later, you were good as new.

40 weeks

Sleeping: You are back to napping three times a day, again. I must say, it does help with the witching hour to have one less child whining for dinner. You sleep from 7:00 pm until 7:00 am.

New Discoveries: Your Mama had one today when she moved your crib away from the wall and found 12 pacifiers you had dropped! Note to self, stop buying and start looking first.