Photo Lessons {DIY Style}

Not gonna lie, it’s been so hot that my mind isn’t exactly working at full capacity this week. There is nothing insightful, exciting, or interesting to gab about, at least for the moment.
We are gearing up for some swimming, grilling, and chilling tomorrow to celebrate Independence Day— in the meantime, I was able to spend a little bit of time on the comptuer today educating myself on Lightroom 3, the photo editing tool.  {Thank you Sassy for the girls ‘Sassy Oh So Fun Day’ and taking them to Build a Bear}.
It’s amazing that I have had this software for over 2 years and am only now scatching the surface of its capabilities. Today, I found how to make a photo collage. I am assuming I can print as an 8×10, 4×6, or any other size for that matter– since it is saved as a .jpg file.

2010 | Quail Hunt
How in the heck will I ever learn all these little tricks– that are sitting just beyond my non-painted, needs to be filed fingernails?
I may have ignited the little fire once again….