Plus One, Minus One

One of the quirky things about having children spaced out in age is their different phases of development.  Reminding one child to always flush the toilet, while scolding abother for trying to lick the screw covers on the bottom of the toilet (eww, so gross). Kenley lost her 4th tooth this week, just as Raynes welcomed his top, front tooth. Plus one, minus one.
The Tooth Fairy must have been short on change because Little Miss received a $5 bill (although, this was my well-intended plan which was long since forgotten once it was nicely filed away on Pinterest).

Other than keeping track of teeth, over due library books, and a very mobile Raynes- Daddy has returned from his mini lobstering trip to the Florida Keys, and is back to spending time with his babies.

As I was about to hit ‘publish’, I received this text. Looks like he is having fun bowling with his girls (another first)- while our little guy naps the day away. I sure do love lazy Sundays.


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  1. 1' says

    Davis is obsessed with the scews on the bottom of the toilet! Always has been. It grosses me out. Im constantly spraying them with clorox in some attempt to keep them clean. Boys, i swear