What To Do?

With a heat index of 107 today, and an inability to breathe outdoors,  it’s been a long day finding ways to entertain three children inside. Did I say it was  long day? I meant to say, it was a really long day. 

Mike was on a fishing trip, 30 miles out at sea, so the kids and I headed to church this morning. Now what to do with the remaining 9 hours of the day?

Well, we baked cookies- Melt in your mouth Peanut Butter Cookies.

Making Britton oversee the receipe and measurements.

I then made use of Pinterest to create one of the 125 kid crafts I have pinned, yet never completed- making a tree from a brown paper bag.

Britton’s project.. last 5 minutes and she was on to the next.

Which in turn meant Kenley wanted a craft of her own– a puppet from a brown bag.

The girls played with Raynes some… when he wasn’t napping {3 naps again today}

Love this expression on his face, poor guy.

And finally, as a last resort to NOT have to paint Britton’s nails a rainbow marbel-ized color project she found on YouTube– I installed Instagram on their iTouches.  I figured it would be a great way to introduce them to photography {playing with filters and light} while also helping them with their spelling {type their own captions}.


Their profiles are set to private {faces are not on their profile photos) and they only follow their Mama and  Sassy (user name PrissyElrod)- but boy oh boy did these two have fun using Instagram
It’s actually a pretty cool app- a better way to share your photos without posting them to the 900 acquiantances friends on Facebook.  I signed up myself– user name is GarrettLandrum. Fun little app that Instagram.
Now, what to do tomorrow?