Oh the Places You’ll Go

It’s no wonder I am a slightly low on energy these days… this bandit of a boy is all over the place. He recently took his first several steps, but refuses to walk. Suits me just fine.

Oh, and the bus stop this week?



Pillow Talk

Last winter we started the process of revamping Britton’s bedroom into a big girl/preteen’s room. While I am still putting the finishing touches on- I finally got around to making her pillow shams for the bed. After waiting for my local fabric store to get in more pillow forms, I finally ordered two Euro pillows from Amazon (28″ x 28″). 
The tutorial I used was super easy- so much so, I plan on making her matching throw pillows soon for her bed {and perhaps the family room too}.  I would wager to say it could be done in 30 minutes from start to finish.

Okay, so in the picture it looks like crap, I promise it’s better in ‘real life’. At least I hope so!

I only used 2 yards of upholstery fabric, (www.fabricguru.com) for a total of $15, and found a neat project for the leftover fabric {more on that later}. Yep, definitely needing some cute throw pillow and a little throw blanket for her bed. Geez, the never ending list.

Lunch Box Love Notes

Now that we {as in all of us are in this together} are back in school, I am once again in search of easy lunch box printables I can put in each of the girl’s lunchboxes. Last year I made the mistake of I started this to help with the transition to a new school and it kind of stuck.  They make it a big deal by having me keep my note a top secret, carefully placing it inside their colorful LL Bean lunchbox, right next to the apple sauce and granola bar.  I found printable lunch box notes on pinterest that are super cute, colorful chevron, or quirky rhymes, that I have been using. And then using again. And again.
While my girls are learning synonyms, arithmetic and punctuation, I believe it is equally, and even more so, important to learn bible verses. Now that is invaluable knowledge. Being that they are in a secular school, it is up to me to aid in this endeavor. 
After searching some more for some printable biblical lunch box notes, my results came up short. So, I made some this afternoon, using good ol’ Microsoft Word.  They aren’t fancy by any means, but I tried to keep it fun with fonts like, Walt Disney World, Hello Kitty and Barbie (THIS website is fantastic for free downloadable fonts).  
Anyone that would like a copy, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll email it to you. Again, they aren’t fancy schmanzy, but God isn’t so concerned with the frills any how.

Bus Stop Dance

Kenley is “trying” out the bus after school today with big sister, Britton. I 100% bribed my 6 year old to ride the bus home, twice a week, for one week in exchange for a trip to the Wal-mart toy section. Great negotiating on my part, I must say. 
Britton, my social, independent 9 year old loves riding the yellow school bus. She would probably take it to and from school every day {if we could make it to the bus stop by 7:40 am- which of course we cannot}. Kenley, however, prefers to have Mama be waiting outside her classroom every day, making immediate eye contact as soon as she walks out of her first grade classroom.
I’ve explained to her that we often times have to do things for other people simply because we love them. For example, I said, “I pick you up at the courtyard, instead of car pick up, not because it is convenient for me, but because I love you. Mommy would like you to try taking the bus home, not because you necessarily want to, but because you love me.”
Something must have sunk in because she eventually agreed to it. Let me rephrase that, to “try” it. We started at a three week trial period, and ended up at one week. Britton has been instructed to sit next to her little sister on the bus. And yes, she too will be rewarded for her big sister efforts with an accompanying trip to the Wal-Mart toy aisle. Regardless, Kenley’s cute little fanny will be delivered to me today, via county school transportation, at 3:10 pm.

Keeping my fingers crossed that she enjoys her 1 mile and 10 minute ride home.

Pink Lemonade

If you were to walk out my front door today, you would never there is a soon-to-be hurricane a brewing. Blue skies, and lots of wind, with a touch of fall feel blended in makes for a beautiful Sunday afternoon. In fact, today would be a perfect day for a lemonade stand however, my girls opted to set up shop yesterday when it was blazing hot and extremely humid. A typical Florida summer day. 

Always the entrepreneur with a keen marketing sense, their sign read, “Please stop! Lemonade for only $1 and some of the money goes to charity”. Some.  Can you guess who came up with that campaign?

I’m not gonna lie- business was slow. And it was quite toasty. The CFO had to take a little lunch break.

Kenley decided that if she wasn’t going to sell watered down Crystal Light pink kiwi lemonade, then she might as well roll down our neighbor’s hill.

At one point these to were yelling “Lemonade” to a completely empty street. I looked at them and pointed out “You two are just yelling at each other, there are no cars.”  My little blonds.

But $8 and 3 hours later, they considered their business venture a success. Now the question remains, how much will go to charity?

See you soon, Isaac.