First Day of School

New pencils, composition notebooks, crayons and clothing were purchased. All hung by the chimney with care. Anticipation for the new school year was heavy in our house Sunday evening.  Butterflies in children’s stomachs and electric clocks whose hours seems to glow slowly by. And finally, it was here.

The first day of school.

We officially have a fourth and first grader in the house. So stinking crazy… Britton often reminds me that next year will be her last in lower school. But for now, she remains my not so little barely fourth grader.

Backpacks were slung on little girls by 8:00 am and out the door we went.

But not before the necessary first-day-of-school-photos.

B loves to push baby brother in his stroller through the school. It gives her an immediate cool card in her book.

Fourth grade may not have been that long ago for me. I can still remember: Mrs. Sparkman {she loved neck massages}, the girls and boys built their ‘forts’ on the playground with the pine straw/playground debris, I rocked the perm on my first day of school.

Both girls have the same wonderful teachers and the same students in their class as teachers bridged (moving up to the next grade). This made for an easy transition into this new school year when you walk into a class room of familiar faces- in Britton’s case, the exact same classroom {just like Walnut Grove}, and with the addition of one new classmate, her best friend Emily.

Kenley’s sweet kindergarten-now-first grade teacher is pregnant with her first baby {a boy!}. This makes Kenley happy as she considers herself an expert on baby boys. K is happy to have her reading recorded in a nightly log and the book worm is in full force already! 
Surprisingly, I can clearly remember first  grade: Mrs. Thompson was my teacher, we read Dick and Jane books, I lost my first tooth during rest time, and we had a rainbow-themed behavior system that we colored at the end of the each day. The goal was to have a colorful rainbow at the end of the week.

I was ‘that’ lingering mother yesterday. Hoovering a wee bit too long, peering through the window, to get one last look at my little one participating in her first grade classroom.

The rain fell from the sky during afternoon dismissal. Swimming through the parking lot with a stroller and umbrella was not fun and a guaranteed way to soak both my and the three kids immediately.

By 3:45 we had finished our Cookies-N-Cream Chic Fil-A drive through milkshakes, taken our bubble baths and were dressed in our pajamas. When I say we, I mean myself and the little people. Raynes wasn’t quite sure what to make of nighttime pajamas in the afternoon….


TV Show: Dora the Explorer
Movie: Titanic
Song:  Any Taylor Swift One
Musician: Taylor Swift
Food: Pizza
Candy: Big Lollipops that are Rainbow
Toy: Barbies
Activity: Swimming and Ballet


TV Show:  H2O
Movie: Hunger Games
Song:  Call Me Maybe
Musician: Taylor Swift
Food: Hot Dog and anything sweet, I do like pizza too
Candy: Air Heads Extreme
Toy: Squinkies
Activity: Swimming and Dance

It’s going to be a great year, I can feel it. We I mean the girls are no longer the new kids in school. They know their way around campus, K can point out the cute little kindergartners on their designated playground, Britton knows all her teachers, and they all know her. Now bring on Fall, we are ready!

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