Friday Night Round Up

Friday night lights ’round here consists of night lights and stove lights. However, tonight Mike and I did manage to slip away for a nice, little date night (thank you Nana!)- only to decide after dinner that sometimes curled up on our couch watching a movie, is even better than  the AMC Theater. So back home we are! 
Lots of busy-ness this week. Starting with….
Family Visits
Mazelle came to town for the first time in almost a year. First thing she said to me was, “Oh my Garrett, you look trim. Last time I saw you, you were fat.” Yep, 11 months and 38 pounds ago sounds about right to me. Love Mazelle, she doesn’t mix her words.

Mo’ Family Visits
With my mom’s side of the family living within 15 minutes of one another, we invariably converge often.

Meme and her Le Clic equivalent.

Little cousin Avery is going to be a big sister!

Old School style playtime- with dolls, crafts and many little girls. My Aunt has a room titled the “Blue Lou Room” where she stows a crib, twin beds, a tea set, books, Moroccans, games and crafts for her grand children, great nieces and nephews.

Britton has become an expert at weaving potholders.

Britton gave hers to Mazelle.

Home Decor
I found this table of old photographs… love. The bag was my grandfather’s doctor bag he used to carry when he made house calls back in the day. Just like Doc Baker! The man and woman in the frame is Meme and Poppy on their honeymoon in 1944.

Home made play dough- flour, cream of tarter, salt and food coloring – make for hours of fun in our kitchen.

New Discoveries
Forget the toys I’ve decided. A pot and pan is really all he needs to be entertained.

I’ve ordered a new lens for my camera and am super excited! A lovely and talented photographer gave me a few pointers this week, when I ran into her, and I am eager to use it. And I don’t get excited about much. I might just be waiting by the door next week for Mr. UPS Man.