Griswalds Are Back | Part 1

We’re back! Six days, 5 airports,  23 hours of  travel (with only1 lost bag), and a major change in our plans… but we are back from a wonderful week in beautiful Colorado!
With packed fleece and cowboy boots, we headed out to the small Colorado town of Fairplay to spend family time at a ranch nestled amongst private mountains (yes, that would be plural), a winding, rippled river and peaceful  tranquility plentiful.
Sitting at an elevation of 9,953 you feel like you might just have a temporary, sharpened sense of perspective.

“Be still and know that I am God.”  -Psalm 46:10

Originally, my Mom was going to travel to Colorado with us, so she could help take care of Raynes. The day before we left, she made a last minute, executive to forfeit her airline ticket and stay home with Raynes-  given her history with altitude sickness. Fearful of being more of a hindrance than help, she filled her house with blinking baby toys and organic peas, as we dropped him off at Sassy and Pops with his packed red Lands End monogrammed bag. Filled to the top with pajamas and the must-have sleep machine. As it turns out, staying home was a great decision on her part.

South Platte River

Something that makes me happy: wearing cowboy boots in August.

Daddy taking his girls on a nature hike. Timid Kenley had to hold on.

Day One- upon arrival

Our little pets would come throughout the day allowing the girls a close up look of the State Bird.

My Dad used to dig for arrow heads at the coast– there was a grand collection at the museum in South Park. Yep, the 90’s cartoon was named after this tiny little town.

On occasion, Mike likes to take the camera and play around a bit. Who doesn’t like a mother-daughter shot in a public restroom?

Britton’s expression at South Park’s Old Mining town, was just a foreshadowing of things to come….