Lunch Box Love Notes

Now that we {as in all of us are in this together} are back in school, I am once again in search of easy lunch box printables I can put in each of the girl’s lunchboxes. Last year I made the mistake of I started this to help with the transition to a new school and it kind of stuck.  They make it a big deal by having me keep my note a top secret, carefully placing it inside their colorful LL Bean lunchbox, right next to the apple sauce and granola bar.  I found printable lunch box notes on pinterest that are super cute, colorful chevron, or quirky rhymes, that I have been using. And then using again. And again.
While my girls are learning synonyms, arithmetic and punctuation, I believe it is equally, and even more so, important to learn bible verses. Now that is invaluable knowledge. Being that they are in a secular school, it is up to me to aid in this endeavor. 
After searching some more for some printable biblical lunch box notes, my results came up short. So, I made some this afternoon, using good ol’ Microsoft Word.  They aren’t fancy by any means, but I tried to keep it fun with fonts like, Walt Disney World, Hello Kitty and Barbie (THIS website is fantastic for free downloadable fonts).  
Anyone that would like a copy, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll email it to you. Again, they aren’t fancy schmanzy, but God isn’t so concerned with the frills any how.


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