When Britton was just 12 weeks old, I, like many moms, had to return to my full time job. Maternity leave is typically 12 weeks (Family and Medical Leave Act will hold a job for you this long as least) and when you work in a commission world, its best to get back to the grind as quickly as possible.
It was very difficult leaving that first baby. I was convinced nobody else would know how to care for her. How would they know which cry meant she was hungry, how she liked to be swaddled, what pacifiers worked best?
Dreading this time away from my baby, Mom had introduced me to Mary. She assured me Mary would be up to the task and fully capable of taking care of that precious first born of mine. Boy, was she right. Not only did Mary know how to swaddle my baby and soothe her cries,  but she did it better that me. Someone else can actually take care of my baby? What?!
It didn’t take long for me to realize how blessed I was to be able to have Mary in charge of my little munchkin while I worked from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm every night.

I can remember coming home from work one evening, and Mary made her way towards her car to leave. Britton, who was about 15 months at the time, bolted out the front door behind her trying to climb into Mary’s car. She wants to go home with Mary? What about me?
At the time, I didn’t whether to laugh or cry.  {Today, I would gladly send any of my children home with Mary, if I should be so lucky).
When Kenley came along a couple years later she was “a sick baby” which kept us home bound in the first year. This gave Mary plenty of time to spend with “her Kenley”. She and Kenley, to this day, have a special bond, those two. Mary all but raised Kenley. When K turned one, I took another job, this time working out of the house, performing IT staffing. Mary continued to be in charge of the littles, who absolutely adore her.  How she manages to keeps these kids in check and clean is, every week, a mystery to me.
Then just when she thought she was done with Robinson babies, in comes red headed Raynes.  Having two girls and one boy herself, Mary knew just what to do with this little fellow.  When we brought him home from the hospital last October, Mary was at the house waiting for him and he went straight to her open arms. When she is here, he cannot take his eyes off Mary, watching her every move and getting upset if she leaves his line of vision. Talk about in love!
Mary has always been the one to tell me when it’s time to give my baby some solids, begin potty training {she says there is a window of opportunity and if you don’t seize that time it will take twice as long}, and how to understand their ever changing moods.
For over 9 years now, Mary has come to our house every week. She has called in sick only once. Once in 9 years. Talk about the most reliable person on earth! It’s hard to imagine where we would be without Mama Mary. I don’t know who would be most lost, my children or me?


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