Pink Lemonade

If you were to walk out my front door today, you would never there is a soon-to-be hurricane a brewing. Blue skies, and lots of wind, with a touch of fall feel blended in makes for a beautiful Sunday afternoon. In fact, today would be a perfect day for a lemonade stand however, my girls opted to set up shop yesterday when it was blazing hot and extremely humid. A typical Florida summer day. 

Always the entrepreneur with a keen marketing sense, their sign read, “Please stop! Lemonade for only $1 and some of the money goes to charity”. Some.  Can you guess who came up with that campaign?

I’m not gonna lie- business was slow. And it was quite toasty. The CFO had to take a little lunch break.

Kenley decided that if she wasn’t going to sell watered down Crystal Light pink kiwi lemonade, then she might as well roll down our neighbor’s hill.

At one point these to were yelling “Lemonade” to a completely empty street. I looked at them and pointed out “You two are just yelling at each other, there are no cars.”  My little blonds.

But $8 and 3 hours later, they considered their business venture a success. Now the question remains, how much will go to charity?

See you soon, Isaac.