Raynes | 10 Months

You hear it all the time. Every parent says it. Probably each minute, in towns around the world, someone looks at their beloved child and says, “I don’t know where the time has gone”.
Raynes is 10 months old (ok so technically he was 10 months several days ago, but 3rd children are willing to overlook minor details).
I don’t know where the time has gone.

Height:  Not sure.
Weight:   Not sure. I am guessing around 20 lbs.
Head Circumference:   Not sure

Again, these are just minor details.

Favorite Foods: Organic canned peas, melons, blueberries, organic chicken sausage, bread, strawberries Greek Yogurt, graham crackers, Cheerios.

Mobility: You can stand without assistance and took your first steps last week! You stand for a while, then drop to the floor for a quick crawl. Smart boy, already finding the quickest route to your destination. You are fully capable of furniture surfing, but crawling is usually your transportation of choice.

You love to bang on the window for Tucker.

Sleeping:  With the summer time, you too have adopted a later morning schedule. You go to sleep at 7:00 pm sharp and usually awake between 7 and 7:30 am. Clockwork, every day. Growing rapidly, you still take to naps a day. One at 9:00 and again around 12:30 pm.

New Discoveries:  Sticking your tongue out and making funny noises.  The cabinets that were {past tense} without locks. Your Tonka trucks. How to open and close drawers, move small table legs back and forth and your personal favorite, dropping things on the floor and watching the ol’ mama pick them up.

Physical Appearance: Your hair is getting longer {still ginger}, your legs are slowly but surely starting to fill out. There is not a fat roll to be found on your tummy and your arms are about as tiny as my pinky. Though you are a skinny ol’ boy you are our sweet bundle of joy.

Demeanor: I am bracing myself for the day you start to cry and talk about, but for now you are still as sweet as they come. You have yet to really cry and have become a professional at ‘going with the flow’. I sometimes wonder if you are in the right family.

Firsts: We went out of town and left you for the first time. With Sassy, Pops and Mary– you thought you had scored your own vacation! You did fabulous for Sassy and stuck to your schedule like a champ.

You are the long lost missing piece to our family, that we didn’t know we were missing. You put a smile on all of our faces each and every day. All I do is pick you up, hold you close and ask you to give Mama a kiss {and no, you have yet to plant a wet one on me upon request}. You are our true joy, sweet boy. I never knew I could love a boy so much.