Stage Freight

Blogger has this crafty little tool which allows me to track how many visits this blog receives each day. They are anonymous hits, I cannot tell who they are, only the number and from which countries. Perhaps this feature has always been there, but its only recently that I discovered it. On average, there are about 180-200+ hits a day on this little ol’ blog, which is relatively low in the ‘blog world’ but definitely high enough to give me a severe case of stage freight.

Garden of the Gods – Colorado Springs, CO

What if my post has no depth? What is the photos suck (which they normally do)? How soon until I get a text from Mom correcting my spelling? What if I tick somebody off with the subject matter? What if people see me for the nerd that I am? What if? What if?
“Balanced Rock” (really, that’s the name) at Garden of the Gods
Honestly, I liked it better when I rambled on and hit “publish” sending my mindless writings into the black void called blogsphere. I was explaining to my friend Shea, that I am increasingly reluctant to blog these days- that is was easier when the two grandmothers, Dee Dee, Meme, Shea and Courtney were the only ones that ever occassionally read it.  In true Shea fashion, she gave me good black-and-white advice which was, just pretend like we are still the only ones that read it. Okay, dokey. Got my pep talk for the day, so here it goes.

Random things I have accomplished recently.

  1. Finally picked up more heart worm pills for Poochie (this has been on my to-do list for many weeks).
  2. Set up a family budget on a pimp Excel spreadsheet that an Economics guru created. Thank you Danielle!
  3. Deactivated my Facebook account. Been wanting to do this for a while- I’ve wasted too much of my life reading pointless updates like, “just ordered a Cuban sandwich” or “putting off laundry”. After 4 years I have reunited with all old friends I care to see again. If we haven’t found each other by now, we ain’t looking very hard.
  4. Organized Britton’s closet. This has been a long time a comin’. It’s amazing what I accomplished in that room of hers while she was away at camp. I tell her that if she isn’t careful, she will end up on the television show Hoarders. Wal-mart makes great bins that can be easily labeled: too big, too small, swim suits and athletic gear.
  5. Found my old, quite nerdy but comfortable, reading glasses. Thank you hubby!

It’s scary letting others see us for who we really are. The good. The bad. And the ugly. Judgement and opinions  inevitably follow. But truth be told, at the end of the day, who really cares. Ahh, it feels good to be ‘Random Landrum’ again.


Lovely comments

  1. 4' says

    You’re so right- I tend to forget things only months later. An early case of ‘senior-itis’ I suppose. Hope you are doing well! Cannot wait to see MHH’s baby… he looks like a huge love bug!

  2. 5' says

    You are a terrific blogger! You put so much thought into your posts (at least it appears that way!) My blog is full of random posts that don’t have creative “content”..but for some reason, when I look back at a post I wrote a couple of years ago, I could care less. Im just so happy to have something because my memory stinks lol

    Oh and if you are looking for a cool widget …”feedjit” will give you details about your visitors. I went private, for now, because I was able to tell that someone was in stalk mode on my blog by checking the news feed. scary