The Griswalds Are Back | Part 2

Along with the soaring Ponderosa Pines and cute scurrying chipmunks, came severe altitude sickness for Britton. I mean the kind that grabs a hold of a 9 year old and relentlessly holds on.
It started with “I have a stomach ache” complaints and an hour later, amongst the historic, charming mountain town of Breckenridge she began throwing up in the middle of town in their lovely flower beds. We took her to a nearby oxygen bar, and had some anti-nausea medicine called into the pharmacy (we love you Auntie Anna!).  Thinking that would be the end of it, we loaded into our rented Camry and drove though the  twisted roads back to our cabin- only to have B become ill again in the car. This time, she was prepared with her trusted plastic grocery store bag. Poor girl.  And so it continued, on through the night and again the next morning. She was either asleep or violently ill.

Kenley walked up to me on several occasions and said, “Mommy, my heart feels funny. Feel it.” As I laid my hand on her tiny chest, her patched heart felt as though it might beat out of her chest. This was odd, I thought, she wasn’t exactly running around.

With one child unable to lift her head off a pillow, unable to eat or drink, and the other with a thumping heart, Mike and I made the executive decision to leave our beautiful cabin and head for lower ground.

Hello Broadmoor! Within 2-3 hours, Britton was felt much better. By that night, she even ate a piece of bread and Root Beer. K never once again complained about her heart.

While it was a bit tricky spending a week at a resort with fleece, jeans, boots and only enough clothes for 4 days (we had planned on using the washer/dryer in the cabin), we made it work.

Thankfully, we had thrown in some ol’ Target bathing suits in our suitcase at the last minute.They came in handy….

We visited the Broadmoor back in 2008, so it was fun going back with the girls a little older.

More soon….