It’s All About AB

As I was editing photos tonight, I realized that I have a slew of recent photos of my niece, Allie Boone. When I say “slew”, I mean border line psycho Aunt amount, all taken in the past 36 hours. Did I mention she lives 4 miles away now?  So instead of writing some coherent rhyming post about ol’ AB, I am tacking the photos onto my little bulletin board blog for posterity. 
Sara Britton, here ya go. Right click, save, and upload to our Walgreens for printing.

At 20 months, Allie Boone speaks full on gibberish, loves her iPhone, knows how to turn on her big screen television for some serious PBS Sprout watching, and can put away food like there is no tomorrow. Her size 3T shirts are snug on her belly, but her heart is equally as big and she displays this with the big sister attention she showers onto baby brother, Whit {and cousin Raynes, too}.

She is loving spending her days at home with her favorite nanny Lindsey (people say she looks like Lindsey), and is thinking about running for student council president in her new Tuesday/Thursday morning preschool class.

She loves her Mama, but don’t even get her started on her Daddy.

She squeals when I walk into her house with cousins in tote, and would just assume Poochie come live at their house.  Okay, this is getting a little cheesy. I feel like I should have a silver shiny microphone and saying, “It’s contestant 24, Allie Boone!”

Oh, and my new 50 mm lens? It’s all I had hoped it would be.


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