Mama at a Mission

A wildlife management area was the third grade destination for the class field trip. Fishing, wildlife, sack lunch, recreation- a Britton’s paradise. Unfortunately for her, I was super pregnant last year at this time and unwilling unable to chaperon her field trip.
In true Britton style, she has not let me forget it for the past 12 months. “Remember the field trip, the one you wouldn’t go on?” Notice that through her glasses, I wouldn’t go. Drive that knife in a little deeper, sista.
Well, you can bet your bottom dollar that I was not about to miss her 4th grade field trip. Not a chance. Thankfully sweet Mary stayed home to watch little Raynes and a sick Kenley while I ventured out.

Having been born and raised in this town, I am not sure how it’s possible that I have never been to the Appalachee-Spanish living history museum, where we walk back in time to a 17th century settlement. There are volunteers scattered throughout, dressed in costume, demonstrating what life was like centuries ago. It was cool playing tourist in my own town.

Britton took this photo. ‘Atta, girl!

I do love an old wooden cross.

Don’t you just love this age? When you are confident that you have the answers.

Eventually my attention span wore off and I began distracting my 9 year old.

Britton was so happy to have me there, even if I couldn’t stay the entire time. She said to me, “it’s better to come for a little while than to not come at all” as she held my hand, patted my arm, and walked alongside me.

I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.