Manic Monday

I woke up this morning with a throbbing head full of snot. Yes, snot. The best way to kick off a week- shot full of Vitamin C and 2 teaspoons of cherry DayQuil. While being a stay at home mom does have advantages, I was reminded today of one of the disadvantages. Not being able to call in sick to work.
Typically I can muscle through a tiny ol’ cold, but this one seems to have knocked me ff my feet and {whisper} back into bed.  Ugggh. Hopefully my Energee-Z packets {I sware by the Tangerine flavor} will speed it through this old body of mine quickly. Because as Sweet Brown says, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”
Every situation has a silver lining. Mine is: leading up to today, the weekend was perfect.

Britton spoke at church on Sunday {all 3 services} about a community outreach program she helped with last year. I will try to find a way to upload my iPhone video- she did awesome!

Stella got her groove back, and so did Whit. He seems to be smiling more and crying less. His Mom and Dad are keeping their fingers crossed that this continues.

Britton thinks it’s “cool” that our hair is more of the same color these days. Her Daddy thinks it’s even  better that I don’t have to go to the hair salon nearly as often.

Kenley will be starting piano lessons  this month. She spent much time deliberating as to whether or not she should- one might have thought she was deciding whether to jump out an airplane or not.  Making decisions is not her strong suit lately.

Uncle Mike spent some time with AB and even got her on the swing in the back yard. She wasn’t sure at first….

But quickly decided that she, too, likes trying new things.

Our camouflage, redneck mobile heading to the lake…

Time for some NyQuil to help me get my ZZZ’s.