Mary and her Lamb

For the past couple years, Kenley has chosen Ballet as her one “after school activity”. With the anticipation she had leading up to last spring’s ballet recital, my gal decided she had had enough of the stage for a while.  After much, and I mean much, deliberation, she decided to give piano a try. The only stipulation is, is that she is to have no recital. Period.

In just a bit we will be heading to my Aunt’s house for Kenley’s second lesson. Kenley hopes to impress her teacher, Mr. Lawrance, with her rendition of Mary Had a Little Lamb.  My grandfather was a concert violinist and Dean of the School of Music at Florida State University, so my cousins and I are all hoping that his gifted musical gene will pass onto one of us.
With a Type A personality that loves routine and perfection, piano might just be a good fit for my first grade girl.
Here’s hoping, at least.