Raynes | 11 months

Say it ain’t so… one more month to go until the big one year birthday. Last year at this time I was large, and ready to meet you. So much has happened since then. Heck, much has changed in just the past month.  If you had a real, hand written baby book, this would be the page I would turn to with a pretty ‘eleven months’ scrolled in blue, with all of your latest happenings of baby Raynes Robinson.

Favorite Foods: grapes, croissants, green beans, peas, carrots, squeezable apple sauce, watermelon, organic chicken sausage and sweet potato fries.

He looks like my baby picture here, a first.

Demeanor: You are happy go lucky. Still. But this Mama knows to never come between you and your food. Goodness gracious, I’ve never seen anything like it. Don’t mess with Texas.

This is the most he would sit still for his “11 month” sticker picture. Oh, and he had a dump in his pants too. Doesn’t seem to bother him much.

Firsts: Seminole chop {perhaps my favorite to date}. You have finally started saying “Mama”.  No, I am not bitter that “Da Da” and “Bye Bye” were my predecessors. You just cut two more top teeth for a total of 6 {4 on top, two bottom}. We have graduated to bible study, then church plus lunch out afterwards. In other words, if we really want to, we can push back your afternoon nap. If there’s a will there’s a way. You’ve also start spending two mornings a week with your cousin Whit and Miss Lindsey.

Sleeping: Take a hour nap from about 8:30 – 9:30 am and again from 12:30 to 2:30. You hit the hay at 7 pm and generally wake up at about 6:45.

Mobility:  You have a walk/crawl thing going. Stand, take 5-14 steps, then drop down and crawl.

New Discoveries: The piano. You babble, and I babble back for some serious conversation time.

Poochie loves to kiss inside your ear. Shh, don’t tell Sassy.

Physical Appearance: You hair is getting long and you are still wearing a size 3 Huggies diaper. As a long and lean boy, you still look like a baby to me.

Heart swells for your more and more each day, kid.


My Joy

Britton was asked to speak at our church recently. They wanted her to describe her involvement with a community outreach program she participated in last September providing free clothing to our community.
So on Sunday, little Miss no-shy-bone Britton held her microphone, pony tail tight with bright orange ribbon, and stood in front of three separate congregations (8:30 am, 9:45 and 11:00 am) and told us, in her words, about her experience helping others.

We sat on the front row and tried to record it using my iPhone, but it made me condense the footage to upload. Not sure if this will work or not {it’s a small snippet if it plays at all}

She did great. She spoke slowly, read her two pages just like she was telling a friend a story, and didn’t seem to be phased by ‘all eyes on her.’  All I did, in preparation, was type as she talked. If you know Britton, you can certainly tell that these are very much her words.

“My name is Britton. I am 9 years old. I was at the Clothing Connection last year and it was a lot of fun. The first person I helped was a little girl and she got a yellow shirt with a girl surfing on it.
There was a little boy who came up to me trying to find a shirt and I found a grey one. He also got some sweatpants to match the shirt.  He was about the same size as me so I knew how to find clothes in his size.
It was so much fun seeing everybody pick out clothing and getting to help them.  I was also outside for a little bit handing out bags for people to put their clothes in. 
I saw a little girl who was barefoot and only wearing a diaper. She was about 2 years old. And then I saw her leave with a bag full of clothing and a pair of Squeaker shoes (those are the shoes that make squeaking sounds). It made me feel really good.
Also my grandfather was there and went to the bathroom and there was a man who had just gotten a suit. The man took toilet paper and folded it to make it look like a handkerchief. My grandfather said to him that he looked good in the suit. The man had a big smile on his face.
I liked helping people find clothes and shoes because I got to see the big smile on their face.”

I asked her if she was nervous, and she gave me a why-the-heck-would-I-be-nervous look which quickly shut me up. Afterwards, I told her she did great {she did!} and asked again, “were you nervous.”  Her response, after standing in front of a couple hundred people that morning was, “no, not at all. Can we go to Harry’s restaurant for lunch?”

I suppose it’s only fitting that I received this email tonight from her summer {Methodist} camp:

“You are getting this email because your email address was listed for a camper who marked “interested in full-time Christian ministry” on their commitment card this summer at {Summer} Camp!
This can be a little confusing because sometimes we have the camper’s email address, sometimes the parents’, and sometimes the church/ pastor/ youth director!  
I just wanted to get the word out to those who marked this on their commitment card that I am the contact person for people who are considering ordained ministry as a career.   Although it’s a little early for most of you to be formally starting the ordination process, I did want to refer you to our website which has some Scripture verses, books, videos, and websites that might help you think a little further about ministry as a possible career.   
Particularly if you are in high school and thinking seriously about full-time ministry, if you want to talk with someone about college majors, seminary, etc., I am definitely here to help!    For the rest of you, we just wanted to remind you that you checked that box, so that you can be continuing to pray about your future, talk to your pastor, youth director, parents, etc. about where you think God might be leading you.
The girl loves her some good metallic wedges
This afternoon was her 5th day home from school with a nagging virus. I found her in my office researching “something” online. She assured me it was appropriate so helicopter mama I backed off.  Several minutes later, she asked me to come to her room because there was something “important I need to talk to you about”. Oh goodness! Has she been faking being sick all week? Did she get her period {yes. I have already started worrying about this}?! Has she lied about something recently?
I sat down on her carpeted floor, leaning against her blue painted walls. In one hand she was holding her large, painted white piggy bank, in the other, a ballerina figurine wearing a blue tu tu. She proceeded to explain that she has decided that she would like to attend a dancing school in.. “what’s that place you go after you graduate high school”, she asked {“college?” I say} “yes, college,”   and she has begun to save for the Florida State School of Dance. She went on to say, straight faced, that she realized that college is a long way off but she began saving just this week so she could have enough by then.  Wise beyond her years, this one. Aim high, sister! Aim high.
Melt my heart, bless her soul, and praise be to God.
That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Paint Fumes

We finally have the patio completed from cushions, to furniture to pavers.

Only, I somehow deleted all the pictures off my camera when I was in a hurry this morning. Having Britton home sick all week has thrown me off my game a little. So here is some magic tricks that 7 cans of spray paint can provide.

Will get this train back on the tracks shortly with more pictures.

Manic Monday

I woke up this morning with a throbbing head full of snot. Yes, snot. The best way to kick off a week- shot full of Vitamin C and 2 teaspoons of cherry DayQuil. While being a stay at home mom does have advantages, I was reminded today of one of the disadvantages. Not being able to call in sick to work.
Typically I can muscle through a tiny ol’ cold, but this one seems to have knocked me ff my feet and {whisper} back into bed.  Ugggh. Hopefully my Energee-Z packets {I sware by the Tangerine flavor} will speed it through this old body of mine quickly. Because as Sweet Brown says, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”
Every situation has a silver lining. Mine is: leading up to today, the weekend was perfect.

Britton spoke at church on Sunday {all 3 services} about a community outreach program she helped with last year. I will try to find a way to upload my iPhone video- she did awesome!

Stella got her groove back, and so did Whit. He seems to be smiling more and crying less. His Mom and Dad are keeping their fingers crossed that this continues.

Britton thinks it’s “cool” that our hair is more of the same color these days. Her Daddy thinks it’s even  better that I don’t have to go to the hair salon nearly as often.

Kenley will be starting piano lessons  this month. She spent much time deliberating as to whether or not she should- one might have thought she was deciding whether to jump out an airplane or not.  Making decisions is not her strong suit lately.

Uncle Mike spent some time with AB and even got her on the swing in the back yard. She wasn’t sure at first….

But quickly decided that she, too, likes trying new things.

Our camouflage, redneck mobile heading to the lake…

Time for some NyQuil to help me get my ZZZ’s.


Woops, I accidently deleted this post from earlier in the week. So photos only- got to have them in the baby books, goodness forbid we were down to 9,457 photos per child.